June 23, 2011 12:50 pm
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  • Before you can catch me
  • By: Sophie Dupin
  • Sophie Dupin's Album
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Before you can Catch Me

Somebody shoulda warned me

This is where I’d be

I’d expect a little more than this

But time is hard to see

I’m at the bottom of the ocean

Swimming towards the light

There’s no one here to fight my fight

I can’t make it right

I’ll pretend that I’m fine, it’s how I get by

I’m surprised I survived when all I did was lie

I’ve gotta fall before you can catch me

Tear down my walls so all the world can see me

I want it all, I”m dying just to break free

But I’ve gotta fall before you can catch me

Somebody call the doctor

I’ll die before I’d fail

This isn’t what I had in mind

it’s not  my fairytale

All I ever wanted was everything or nothing

Slipping into nowhere fast I can’t seem to lose my past

An emptiness inside, with no more room to hide